It is said that 60% of your score is in the short game.

Our customized synthetic greens will have you playing at the top of your game in no time.

  1. By The Water
    By The Water
    Build right off the house and not far from the beautiful Little Spokane River, this green offers solitude and a relaxing way to practice all day.
  2. From The Gallery
    From The Gallery
    Add a side deck so your audience can sit and watch you show off your mad putt skills.
  3. Patio Perfection
    Patio Perfection
    Be close to all the entertaining as you hone your game. A close outdoor table makes a great drink stand... Cheers!
  1. Nature's Surround
    Nature's Surround
    Imagine that perfect spot right on the edge of nature, cozy! Also you can hit from the hilltops.
  2. Indoors
    Even if you don't have all the acreage you want, we can move you indoors.
  3. Sand Trap
    Sand Trap
    For all you experts in training here is a test for your game and patience.
  1. All In
    All In
    Why not turn the whole back yard into a putting green/synthetic lawn combo.
  2. Deck Shots
    Deck Shots
    Try for trick shots off the deck. Mind the window...
  3. Nook
    Imagine leveling out that bank outback... voilà, perfect real estate for your new putting green.