Game Court Installations since 1993

The Northwest is known for its great outdoor lifestyle. If you enjoy staying fit and active then a backyard court or game field might be right up your alley. Whether you have limited space or an open prairie, we can design you a fun and fit environment that keeps you moving.
What's your passion? Is it swimming, hockey, roller blading or a fast paced game on the court. Do you enjoy a leisure day practicing your short game, improving your swing or is horse shoes more your style. Whatever it might be, let us add that special fun in your yard today.
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Kids at play (grand kids too)

keep them home!!!
a backyard playset or game court makes your home the "place to be in the neighborhood".

entertaining at home beats a vacation anyday!!!
imagine investing your hard earned money in a permanent asset like a personal putting green.

why throw away your money on a vacation that lasts a week or two when you could  enjoy a permanent vacation in your own back yard.
Fun and Fitness

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