Synthetic Putting Green & Lawn Turf
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Putting Green Product
ExactPutt is 36 oz. per sq/yd of a texturized Nylon, tufted on 3/16” gauge with a 7/16 inch pile ht. There is 2 layers of polybac, 1@13 and 1@18 pic as the primary backing. The secondary backing consists of a rubberized secondary coating with action back added to give additional dimensional strength.
Hole-in-One is a 36 oz golf product primarily designed for use as sand filled putting material. Hole-in-One is made of  a 7600 denier Polypropylene fibrillated slit film tufted on a 3/8 gauge machine. It has a 1” pile height and a secondary coating of 20 oz per sq yd of urethane. It comes in 15’ width and comes WITHOUT holes.  The product is very friendly to installers due to the ease of fibrillation of the yarn as well as the durability.
TeeLine is a very dense (120 oz per sq yd) golf product made of U.S. Made texturized nylon developed specifically to handle the club impact generated by the high swing speeds of today’s golfer. Tee Line is tufted on a 3/16 gauge machine into 2 primary backings with a 7/8” finished pile height. This density and pile height allows the product to be used either WITH or WITHOUT your normal golf tee. It has 20 oz of urethane as the secondary backing with NO HOLES
Lawn & Field Product
GenuineGrass has a total of 60 oz., a combination of the new 320 Micron Polythethylene Monofilament and a thatch zone consisting of a texturized 150 micron PE monofilament. The pile height on Absolute is 2 1/8“ and is tufted on a 1/2” gauge. Perforations for drainage are standard. Absolute Grass is available in “Spring and Field Green”

ProLawn is a 67oz. per sq/yd of Trilobal PE Monofilament and a texturized Field green thatch tufted on 1/2 gauge at 1 3/4 inch pile ht. and having 2 layers of polybac,  Perforations for drainage are standard. ProLawn is available in 3 colors of green, “Field”, “Spring” and “Fescue”. 

SupremeGrass uses the 320 micron PE Monofilament and has a thatch zone consisting of texturized 150 micron  Field Green PE monofilament. It uses a combined total of 69 oz. per sq. yd. The pile height on Supreme is 1 1/8” and is tufted on 3/8 gauge.  Perforations for drainage are standard. Supreme Grass is available in  “Spring and Field Green”

PlushLawn is an 80 oz  PE monofilament tufted on 1/2” gauge with a pile height of 1 3/4”inch and is tufted into 2 layers of polybac, 1@13 and 1@18 pic as the primary backing. There is 20 oz. of urethane as the secondary coating.  Perforations for drainage are standard. The available stocking colors are “Fescue and Field Green” 

To Order or For Pricing Please Contact Us at (509) 535-1827
To Order or For Pricing Please Contact Us at (509) 535-1827
Infill and Topping Sands are designed to prevent compaction and settling in the green surface. Water will drain away and through this infill product quickly, leaving a playable surface even in wet climates.  

Professional Grade Synthetic Turf Glue.
Works excellent in all temperatures. Available in 1 to 5 gallon pails.

Professional Hitting Mat
Improve your game at home with your own Chipping and Hitting Mat. These 5’ x 5’ commercial grade mats are designed to give you plenty of room, allowing for a comfortable stance that mimics your course play. Mat Includes 2 tee's.