Improve your short game right at home
Water Features
-Synthetic Putting Greens
 - Fringe and Chipping Pads
  -  Lawns, Play Surfaces, Sand Traps

Get the Personal Putting Green Advantage
It is said that 60% of your score is in the short game.  Playing to the hole thru chipping, pitching, bunker shots and putting is the make or break of a great round.  Proper and consistent practice improves that score and brings a new level of confidence and enjoyment to your game. The challenge to that is obvious. With our busy schedules, there is little time to visit a course and spend consistent time simply putting, chipping or playing from a bunker.  Since others are utilizing the practice green as well, it can prove difficult to even practice a chip shot. Can you say "four"!!!  Wouldn't it be great to get home, pour an ice cold lemonade (or drink of choice) and be able to walk on to your own green on your own schedule. Walk off to any lie in your yard and tap a shot on to the green. Then do it again, with no concern of other golfers in the area. Place strategic chipping mat locations from which to practice defined shots. Have your own bunker to play your sand wedge from.  Invite friends for a backyard tournament or as training partners in your quest for a perfect game.  Add a net and hitting mat to complete your backyard training and then watch your skills and confidence grow. If you love to entertain, a backyard green makes for a fun and original event that can be enjoyed by family and friends alike.  Add landscaping, lighting and maybe even a water hazard to complete a beautiful centerpiece in your back yard that will bring a smile every time you see it.  With almost no maintenance required, our customized synthetic greens will have you playing at the top of your game in no time. 
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